Binocular Vision

Dr. French specializes in binocular vision disorders. Strabismus (crossed or non-aligned eyes) and amblyopia (lazy eye) have been reported to affect up to 5% of the population. Very often these conditions can be treated simply with eyeglasses or contact lenses. Other people will need a course in vision therapy to maximize the potential of the their vision while still others will require surgery for functional and / or cosmetic reasons.


Most children and parents are unaware when their child has amblyopia because the child’s other eye will take over all visual functioning. Conditions such as amblyopia can only be detected by a thorough eye health examination.


Dr. French has the only synoptophore in this area. This specialized piece of equipment allows Dr. French to make an accurate diagnosis of the type of strabismus or amblyopia and then predict the potential for visual outcome through optical correction, therapy or surgery. This equipment can also be used for vision therapy in certain circumstances.


If you or a person you know of has one of these conditions, contact our office today to schedule an eye health examination and binocular vision evaluation.


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