Eye Glasses

Why Should I Buy My Glasses From French Eye Care Center?

Once your eyeglasses prescription leaves our office we have no control over it. If your glasses are made in our office we have complete control over the fabrication of the prescription to assure that all the technical specifications are correct; therefore, we have the ability to fix any errors that might occur. We are all human and we realize that errors do happen. You will be provided with a copy of your spectacle prescription at the conclusion of your examination if a refraction (test to determine your eyeglass prescription) was performed. Please call us with any questions.


Why Can I Not Get New Glasses from an Expired Prescription?

All eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions have an expiration date to protect you, the patient. Most prescriptions are written with a one-year expiration date as the accepted standard of care has shown that most people’s vision does not change drastically in a year’s time. Exceptions to this rule would be children, adolescents, and those with corneal conditions such as keratoconus (a gradual deformity of the cornea) or pterygium (a vascularized growth at the edge of the cornea).



All of our frames and lenses carry a minimum one-year warranty. Please recognize the difference between a warranty and a guarantee. Eyeglasses are covered under warranty if they become unusable due to defective workmanship in the construction or materials of the frame or lenses. This is especially taken into account with children’s eyeglasses. A guarantee implies that the frame will be replaced no matter how it is abused. Unlike many sectors of today’s society we feel that the consumer must be responsible with the products purchased and that blatant abuse of a product does not constitute automatic replacement.