Pediatric Eye Care

Our office is uniquely equipped to examine children and special populations with a variety of professional equipment. We can test infants and non-verbal patients and provide an objective assessment based upon clinical methods and experience.


Every direct referral from a pediatrician or physician will be followed up with a summary to the referring physician in a timely manner.


Our doctors concur with the current guidelines of the American Optometric Association and recommends comprehensive eye examinations when a child is six months old and then again when the child is 3 years old and 5 years old. School-age children should have an eye examination yearly.


Infant and Pre-School Age Children

For the infant and pre-school age child, we have the means to measure visual acuity and color vision with many different tests including Teller Acuity Cards - a test specifically designed for pre-verbal or special needs patients.


Pediatric Patients

Most of the traditional methods utilized in an adult examination are also used to evaluate children including:


Emergent Care

We also provide emergency medical eye care for infants and children:


Children's Optical

We have a large selection of boys and girls frames in stock, and provide same day glasses delivery for many prescriptions. We also utilize all forms of children’s contact lenses.


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